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The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County provides historical and educational materials and information about the Jewish community of Fairfield County and serves the community through its membership and its archival resources.


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Sunday, March 11th


On the violin, we present Rayhan Pasternak, who has been involved with music in a serious way since she was a child. In the former Soviet Union, she studied violin at the music school for gifted children in Odessa, and she received her Bachelor's degree in musicology from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). In the United States, Rayhan Pasternak continued her education in creative arts therapy with a concentration in music therapy.

On the piano, we present Igor Pasternak, who graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, majoring in piano, music theory, and conducting. A prolific performer in Moscow and the U.S., Igor Pasternak is a soloist at private and public functions, a church organist, and piano accompanist for high-school choirs and musicals.

Classically trained, the Pasternaks perform the folk music from Russia and the Ukraine, traditional tunes from around the world, and popular tunes. According to the Pasternaks, "Jewish music takes a very special place in our repertoire, since we could not practice any Jewishness, including music in our Soviet life."

Trash To Treasure

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Book Talk

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Graphic Novel

by J. T. Waldman
Presenter: Dr. Elissa Kaplan


In what may be the world's first religious, scholarly comic book, Waldman tells the epic tale of exile and redemption in graphic form.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
@ 10:30 AM
Stamford JCC
1035 Newfield Avenue
Stamford, CT 06905

For Book Talk schedule
October 18, 2017 - May 16, 2018
Free and Open to the Public

Archives Showcase

Please visit our exhibit case with an outstanding collection from the Society's Archives.

On display at the Stamford JCC

2017 Winners
Connecticut National History Day

The theme of the 2017 National contest, was "Taking a Stand". In addition, to receive a JHSFC award, students must incorporate Jewish history or heritage and/or a Jewish personality into the 2017 National History Day theme.

2017 Winner
Claire Faulkner's entry


2017 Winner
James Gikas's entry

Read the Press Release for information on the winners - Claire Faulkner and James Gikas.

***Press Release***

National History Day is a program for students in grade six-12 that encourages exploration of local, state, national and world history.

For more information, visit: www.historydayct.org


Announcements, etc.

Want a program about Jewish history in Fairfield County 1654 - 2016?

Do you know that the first Jew came to Fairfield County in 1654 to buy a slave? Do you know about some of the earliest Fairfield County Jews?

The first Jewish resident of Stamford was Nehemiah Marks. The earliest Jewish resident of Greenwich, was Abraham Hays, who settled there in 1728. The first Jew in Norwalk was Ralph Isaacs, who lived there with his family in 1724.

According to historian Irwin Miller, "There are many stories, such as the tale of Louis Drucker, the first Jew to settle in New Canaan in 1869. He was a tailor, volunteer fireman and town constable. He was murdered attempting to thwart a robbery, and his killer is thought to be the last man hanged in Connecticut." And, there's so much more! Join us to discover what we know, how we know it, and how you can be part of the continuing Jewish story of Fairfield County.

For information, contact JHSFC:
Phone: (203) 321-1373 x150
Email: info@jhsfc-ct.org

Joan Lapin, of New Canaan, visits the JHSFC Archives to donate photos, newspaper clippings, historical documents, a Master's thesis about the history of the Jews of New Canaan, and many other items from her files and scrapbooks. She is showing Elissa Kaplan, President of JHSFC, pictures of her father's grocery store, Rosen Brother's Market.

What's Your Story?

Bridging Yesterday and Tomorrow,
Will You Be Part of the Story?

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County is one of the largest secular Jewish organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

As we enter our 30+ years, we invite you to join us. We need your help in telling your community's story so that we can together explore it further, preserve it and share it. Who were the first Jews in your community? Why did they come, what did they accomplish? How did the community change and grow? Who were and are the Jewish movers and shakers in the Jewish and overall community? What Jewish institutions were established? Through our archives in Fairfield County and our programs, library, traveling exhibit and oral/video history projects we discover and maintain our communities' collective memory dating back to the first recorded Jewish presence in our area in the late 1600's.

Help us capture your special story, so your community will be included in the greater story that is the Jewish story of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Diaries, emigration documents, household objects, legal documents, letters, obituaries, postcards, posters recipes, scrapbooks vintage clothing, photographs and film clips of family and community events . . .

For information contact JHSFC:
Phone: (203) 359-2196
Email: archives@jhsfc-ct.org

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The Jewish Communities of Greater Stamford

This publication presents a broad historical view of the Jewish people of Stamford, Darien, and New Canaan, Connecticut and Pound Ridge, New York from the era just prior to the American Revolution to the 1900s.


An American Jewish Community 50 Years, 1889-1939: The Sociology of the Jewish Community in Stamford, CT.

This book, authored by Samuel Koenig, Ph.D., offers a unique study documenting the Jewish community of Stamford from 1889 to 1939.

Become a Volunteer at the JHSFC

Volunteers are the heart of any non-profit organization.

Please consider volunteering to assist the JHSFC with its mission to collect historical artifacts related to Jewish life in Fairfield County and with its ongoing program activities.

No experience necessary! All activities come with training . . .

To volunteer contact JHSFC:
Phone: (203) 359-2196
Email: info@jhsfc-ct.org

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