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The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County provides historical and educational materials and information about the Jewish community of Fairfield County and serves the community through its membership and its archival resources.

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JHSFC Mission Statement

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County strives to build intergenerational community through sharing and preserving Jewish history, heritage, and culture. We tell the story of the human experience through Jewish eyes.

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Archive News

The Archive is open Tuesdays 10am-2pm
and by appointment.

Please feel free to contact the archive for an appointment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

phone: (203) 359-2196
email: archives@jhsfc-ct.org

Discover the Archive

Have you ever wondered what we have been collecting for 40 years in our Archives?

Do you want to know about our exciting current projects?

Join us for a Virtual Discovery Tour of the JHSFC Archives.

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Musings from my
"haunted" Hermitage

by Larry F. Ginsberg

If it ain't one thing, it's another...

"Of the three Female cast members [on the original SNL], Gilda Radner made the deepest impact. There is hardly a Female sketch comic today who does not claim Radner as an inspiration to her comedy career." - Yael Kohen, 2012

No, not the obnoxious personal advice expert, Roseanne Roseannadanna; no, not Baba Wawa; no, not the elderly, hearing-impaired woman who gave angry and misinformed editorial replies on "Weekend Update," Emily Litella; but Gilda Radner who was born in a log cabin (oops, wrong bio), who was born in a "little house on the prairie" ––oops, blew it again ––who was born to a Jewish family in Detroit. Yes, really!

"What is all this talk about the Supreme Court decision on a deaf penalty?" - Gilda Radner as Emily Litella

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Fall Programs

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It Happened Here!
Traveling Exhibit

The exhibit will feature selected images from the Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County archives and photos from primary sources. The display consisting of 8 theme-based panels explores belonging and creating "home" and community through individual experiences. How have people engaged with, and contributed to, the broader community? The story begins here in Stamford and Fairfield County in the 1700's through the lenses of immigration; World Wars I and II; Women making history, and arts and culture, to name a few. Indeed, many an actor, writer, and musician called Stamford home.

Hosted by the Ferguson Library
Dudley Williams Jr. Auditorium
1 Public Library Plaza, Stamford, CT

Sunday, September 18, 2022
2pm - 4:30pm

This exhibit is partially funded by a grant from the Stamford Arts and Culture Commission. Light refreshments will be served.

Register: info@jhsfc-ct.org
or call: (203) 359-2196


The Fifth Annual Norma and Milton Mann Lecture
featuring speaker Professor John Barrett
"Is Justice Possible? The History and Limits of International War Crime Tribunals"

Sunday, October 30th at 10am
Temple Beth El
Stamford. CT

The lecture is open to the public. All are welcome.

Refreshments will be served at 10:30am.

RSVP: info@jhsfc-ct.org
or call: (203) 359-2196

What's Your Story?

Bridging Yesterday and Tomorrow,
Will You Be Part of the Story?

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County is one of the largest secular Jewish organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

As we are approaching the United States Semiquincentennial and JHSFC 40+ year anniversary, we invite you to join us.

We need your help in telling your community's story so that we can together explore it further, preserve it and share it. Who were the first Jews in your community? Why did they come, what did they accomplish? How did the community change and grow? Who were and are the Jewish movers and shakers in the Jewish and overall community? What Jewish institutions were established? Through our archives in Fairfield County and our programs, library, traveling exhibit and oral/video history projects we discover and maintain our communities' collective memory dating back to the first recorded Jewish presence in our area in the late 1600's.

Help us capture your special story, so your community will be included in the greater story that is the Jewish story of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Diaries, emigration documents, household objects, legal documents, letters, obituaries, postcards, posters recipes, scrapbooks vintage clothing, photographs and film clips of family and community events . . .

For information contact JHSFC:
Phone: (203) 359-2196
Email: archives@jhsfc-ct.org

To all our members

throughout the years

Avon Theatre Showing

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the poster)

Remembering the Family Store:
Stamford Circa 1940-1965

Avon Theatre
Encore Presentations

Opens to rave reviews!

It was featured on Connecticut Public's Where We Live! Check out the second half of this episode: Tuesday is Primary Day, and "Remembering the Family Store " film focuses on Stamford Mom and Pop Shops in 20th Century

"A wonderful look back at a very special town! A must see!"

"Fabulous documentary, great viewing for all, whether you remember the stores or not."

The results are in! The JHSFC production opened to capacity crowds! There is something here for everyone. Step into the past for a little nostalgia of yesteryear; learn about Stamford if you are a recent resident or just enjoy an amazing documentary about growing up in a town with family stores.

Check Avon Theatre listings
of dates and time

For additional information
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the New Jewish Voice article.

Making of Our Documentary - Remembering the Family Store: Stamford Circa 1940-1965 is now available to everyone on YouTube. You can see the amazing three-minute trailer and get a good idea of what the documentary will be like.

Discover (or re-discover) how the documentary originated, the personal connections of Lester Sharlach, Gail G. Trell, and Steve Karp, and hear how the award-winning filmmaker, Marge Costa, has created the production. Enjoy and please share with anyone you know who would like to see it.

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A Bissel Yiddish
A Tribute to
Judy Altmann and
Judy Liebeskind

August 19, 2022

Five years ago, "The Two Judys " (Judy Altmann and Judy Liebeskind ) created a program called "A Bissel Yiddish. " Since Judy Liebeskind is relocating and Judy Altmann is retiring, this innovative and heartwarming program is coming to a close.

We celebrated "The Two Judys, " on Friday, August 19 on Zoom.

At the close of the tribute, many stayed on with long conversations seeking ways and ideas to continue.

Please call the Archives (203) 359-2196 to express your interest.

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We hope you have enjoyed our programs.

If you want to hear a particular program again or weren't able to attend, you can find the recordings on our YouTube Channel and please remember to subscribe for updates.

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