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The Harry Rosenbaum JHSFC Judaica Library


Joseph Miller and Harry Rosenbaum

Looking back . . .

. . . there are milestones, developments and a long line of people who were present at the creation, whose foresight and dedication made possible the Library that exists now.

  • It all started when the JCC was being planned. An anonymous donor contributed funds for a Library in honor of Harry Rosenbaum, publisher and community leader.

  • The next player to enter the stage was the Stamford Lodge of B'nai B'rith, with a donation of the 16 volume Encyclopedia Judaica and a promise by their Holocaust Memorial Committee to establish a Holocaust section in the Library.

  • In 1981 when the Jewish Community Center opened on Newfield Avenue, the Library became a reality with the Encyclopedia Judaica and 250 volumes of books donated by the Holocaust Committee of B'nai B'rith.

  • By 1983 when the library was officially dedicated, a group of volunteers headed by Ruth Polster z"l and Barbara Rosett z"l, together with Librarian Judy Williams, had numerous cataloged volumes on the shelves.

  • The Holocaust Memorial Committee of B'nai B'rith transferred the Library to the Jewish Historical Society run today with dedicated volunteers, and generous funding.

  • The Joseph Miller Holocaust Collection, includes 40 Yizkor Books commemorating individual towns and cities destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators, have been moved to the Archives.

  • The Library's collection will be accessible through the Ferguson Library's website when it comes out of storage.

At the present time our entire library is in storage. As soon as a new home is found, we will triumphantly open up for the community as a free lending library and research center. Activities will be planned with our ever popular Book Talks and Storytime with youngsters.