Archive is open to the public: Tuesday 10AM to 2PM and by appointment.

Board of Directors and Committees

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County Board of Directors is made up of dedicated volunteers.

Board of Directors

Members of the Executive Committee

Peter Lilienthal, President
Eva Weller, Executive VP
Leah Tillman, VP Archives
Marcie Schoenfeld, VP Programming
Sima Broza, VP Public Relations
Rhonda Ginsberg, Secretary
Walter Morgenthaler, CPA, Treasurer
Elissa Kaplan, EdD, Immediate Past President

Legal Counsel

Abram Heisler, Esq.

Board of Directors

Jeff Bendremer
Wendy Bennett
Jeff Cahn
Fred S. Golove
Abram Heisler
Leslie Heyison
Jill Kaplan
Nancy Kitay
Lili Kleinman
Liz Krebs
Kim Krieger
Julie Morgulis
Vivien Orbach-Smith
Gloria Tenofsky
Susan Unrad
Avi Wiederhorn
Barbara White
Deborah Zuckerman

Archive Operations

Leah Tillman, PhD


Larry Ginsberg, Esq.

Council of Advisors

Anne Peskin, PhD, Chair
Lester Freundlich
Sandy Golove
Maggie Levy
Judy Liebeskind
Edith Neidle
Barbara Rosenberg
Gloria Tenofsky
Gail G. Trell
Susan Unrad
Shelly Welfeld
Arnold Yelin

JHSFC Committees

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County is made up of numerous committees, mostly volunteers to . . . If you have an interest in learning about any of the committees below or becoming a member, please contact us at If you would like JHSFC to work on a specific project, documentary or exhibit that may pertain to our organization, we would like to hear from you.

Leah Tillman, Chair

Bissel Yiddish
Judy Liebeskind, Chair

Gloria Tenofsky, Chair

Vivien Orbach-Smith, Chair
Susan Unrad, Chair

Event Planning/Decor
Julie Morgulis, Chair

Exhibits/Special Projects
Debra Emery, Chair

Walter Morgenthaler, Chair

Eva Weller, Chair

History Day
Joan Kranz, Chair

L'Dor V' Dor
Elissa Kaplan, Chair

Gail G. Trell, Chair

Open Position, Chair

Oral History
Elissa Kaplan, Chair

Programs and Book Talks
Marcie Schoenfeld, Chair

Public Relations
Sima Broza, Chair

Remembering the
Family Store

Gail G. Trell, Coordinator

Remembering the
Family Store PR
Sima Broza, Co-Chair
Gail G. Trell, Co-Chair

Social Media
Open Position, Chair

Strategic Planning
Carl Weinberg, Co-Chair
Carl Rosen, Co-Chair

David Kaplan, Chair

Sima Broza, Chair